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  With over two decades of product software development and experience in delivering best-of-breed, Value-Add solutions across a wide range of industries, QWARE™ have built a deep level of expertise in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

QWARE™ are a Solution Provider with a passion for delivering high-quality solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We have offices in Europe and North America.



QWARE™ is a subsidiary of the QGate™ Group of companies, a software services business founded in 1997 in the United Kingdom. After two decades of product software development, the subsidiary QWARE™ Limited was created.

QGate's experienced product and support team have moved across to QWARE™ with a dedicated focus on the QWARE™ Value-Add solutions and Cloud Services, in support of their valued clients and partners worldwide.

We are a Microsoft Partner providing a very high standard of software development, industry knowledge, skills and commitment. We specialize in the development and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 specific Add-ons for Data Quality and Telephony integration solutions. We believe that our solutions improve the value and user experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We are a dedicated team that works passionately on the development, quality and improvement of our solutions. Being highly motivated, we work closely with our clients to build products and services to meet their specific needs. We also strive to provide innovative and practical solutions that are easy to use, improving users' everyday operations and efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Our dedicated Support team, known for their superb technical and after-sales service, are focused on Customer Satisfaction to ensure our clients use our solutions effectively.

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"To empower every business user to make smart decisions"

QWARE™ offers two great, proven solutions

Paribus 365

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Data Quality and Deduplication

Paribus 365™ is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Quality Solution with Intelligent CRM Searching and Duplicate Data Management:  Successfully managing Dynamics 365 data and keeping it clean of duplicates, Paribus 365™ helps organizations regain the Single Customer View (SCV) along with improving their users’ productivity.

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

intelli-CTi™ integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 and telephone systems, transforming customer engagements by making them more connected, personalized and efficient. With intelli-CTi™, every telephone call interaction (both inbound and outbound) is automatically recorded (statistically) within Dynamics 365, along with details of the call metrics and stored with context to the elated Dynamics 365 entities, history and activities for easy reporting via the included dashboards and Power BI reports.

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Paribus 365™ allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate free as it could be with no additional effort making it easier for forecasting and reporting. Paribus has been a great tool for our new Inside Sales Team. It quickly identifies if there are duplicate leads or related accounts and contacts that exist in CRM without the hassle of trying to search for the records manually. Additionally, it will take you to the potential contact or account records and review further details to help verify the correct match.

Laura Wagstrom, CRM Analyst, Colder Products Company

The decision to work with intelli-CTi™ was because of the level of service we could get from them, their response, the emails when we were trialing and willingness to help was just a different level to other vendors. I would recommend intelli-CTi™ to anyone looking for nice, easy, flexible CTI solution that can work with Telephone system you have in place. They are real experts, and they will help you to understand what you have. We found intelli-CTi™ has allowed us to do specific things for Metro Bank to speed up the popup of calls and to improve the success of finding customers by searching on different things. It is really flexible and saves agents a lot of time. On average it can reduce the call popup or the average hunting time by 15%.

Metro Bank

Paribus 365™ helped us prevent duplicates. When someone enters data, it is great to make sure that no duplicates are being created. Paribus has really helped us out with list matching. We have done a lot of pairings between CRM and various ERP systems. We have used it for deduping and list matching and also for Salesforce data too. The support from Paribus 365 is great, although we have not had to use it much. We have been using Paribus for many years now.

Stephen Pond, Wolters Kluwer

Working from a call list and having to manually dial each number is a pain and so is scrambling to find a contact match in CRM when a call comes in. Fortunately, we can recommend intelli-CTi™. It takes the hassle out of making and receiving calls, and the built-in integration with CRM makes it an easy solution to implement.

Brianna Ojard, CRM Consultant - Customer FX

Paribus 365™ allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate-free as possible, with no added effort, making it easier for forecasting and reporting!

Steve Luckett, Director, Lucketts Travel

We have been working with Paribus 365™ for a number of years now. It has really helped us to streamline our data that is in our systems to ensure that we have clean data and when our customers call in we can go right to their record without fumbling around in similar records, so it has helped us become a lot more efficient. The team at Paribus is always there for us when we need them.

Karen Dedier, Vice President of Engineering, Noble Systems

For our customers being able to clean up the data is so important. Everything is data centric, so they have to have clean data whether they have to plug it in or dealing with what they have currently.

Terry Unger, Consultant, Simple Soft Solutions