QWARE's Technical Support team have a great reputation for their technical and after-sales services

QWARE Technical Support Services includes:

Technical Bulletins to update you on service packs, hotfixes and resolutions to known issues
Support for any customization in the solution delivered to you by QWARE
QWARE product installation assistance
Self-service Paribus 365™ Help Center
Self-service intelli-CTi™ Help Center


QWARE Technical Support have processes in place which outline target responses based on the severity of the issue. See our Support Procedures for information on our response times.

The product developers are available, if needed, as specialists for more complex support issues when a deeper investigation is required. Our Support team keep you informed about how your issue (support ticket) is progressing, so you do not need to follow up for a progress update.

After resolution, a ticket will not be closed without confirmation that the issue is resolved satisfactorily.


The QWARE Technical Support team are measured, nor on the number of tickets closed, nor on the speed of closure but on customer satisfaction.
At QWARE, we pride ourselves on the high customer retention we have and therefore strive to ensure continued high standards of technical support. The only way this can be measured is by our customer's feedback.


QWARE has a dedicated UK Technical Support desk and Technical Support Services also available in North America, See our Support Procedures for further details on our Worldwide team.


For self-service and general information about the QWARE products (Paribus 365™ and intelli-CTi™), visit the relevant Help Centers. These are dynamic resources that are constantly updated to ensure that you have access to the latest information about data management, telephone system compatibility, making the best use of your CRM system, pre-requisites and so on.


Year after year we deliver on our promise to provide outstanding solutions and technical support services that deliver tangible results. Our commitment to our worldwide customers and valued reseller partners show in their testimonials:

Sorted out the issue quickly and resolved it in totality. NPS Score=9.

Paul Dawsey - Map Mechanics

Great software and customer service. NPS Score=10.

Jonathan Petsch - Gritit

Very quick / helpful response from the Support Team. MSFT introduced a breaking change and the QWARE Team was quick to deliver a patch that resolved the issue for us. NPS Score=8.

Geoff Lennon – W.B. Mason

The response time was excellent. NPS Score=10.

Marcos Orfila - Meritus Business Solutions

Support kept us informed with the progress of the ticket, pleasure as always. NPS Score=10.

Kieran Smith - Aico

Paul went above and beyond to help diagnose and resolve the issue, as well as being really polite and pleasant on the phone! NPS Score=10.

Anthony Gangel - Eureka Solutions

The support team was highly responsive, consistently ensuring that we progressed through any identified issues - always confirming whether or not our issues or concerns were addressed to our satisfaction or otherwise resolved. They were timely and consistently met their commitments in our upgrade process. NPS Score=9.

Ray Bennett - D & H Distrubuting ...

... and many, many more !