QWARE Data Platform

The QWARE Data Platform is a collection of data management capabilities that software applications can connect and utilize data within database systems and cloud data platforms.

A framework that brings together a collection of data management elements to greatly improve the development of software applications whilst removing much of the complexities met when working with underlying data systems:

  • Allowing software solutions to focus on the business goals of software application development.
  • Allowing software solutions to evolve without the need to maintain complex data systems.
  • Ensuring software solutions can seamlessly and dynamically adopt new data structures without breaking change.
  • Avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming data management and data schema manipulation.
  • Avoiding heavy data migration and data transformation.


Flexible Enterprise Data 

A core component of the QWARE Data Platform is its ability to handle complex business objects and distil them into secure flexible data structures. This powerful feature enables systems to grow and evolve without the need for their underlying supporting data systems and platforms to constantly keep pace.

Without such capabilities, systems often restrict change and avoid evolution due to the heavy cost of data manipulation and/or data migration. Equally, the introduction of new application data attributes often requires an impactful change to underlying data systems, and data schema updates, and result in costly downtime.

Legacy software applications and systems have for a great number of years relied upon the rigorous data structures and dependencies that database systems provide. And whilst these structures do provide enterprise strength reliability and discipline, they also depict a high degree of maintenance and dependency when it comes to the administration of change and data schema modification.

With the QWARE Data Platform, its use of data serialization provides a powerful and flexible alternative to how data is stored and managed, negating the legacy challenges above and largely removing the need for costly data system updates.

Whilst continuing to leverage the power, security, and robustness of enterprise database platforms (such as Microsoft SQL Server), the QWARE Data Platform and its use of data serialization, greatly utilize these platforms as the underlying data storage container - achieving a hybrid best-of-both-worlds approach to ensuring data efficiency whilst maintaining data integrity.

Object Relational Modelling (ORM)

One of the fundamental aspects of the QWARE Data Platform is its capability to perform Object Relational Modelling (ORM), an industry-approved technique by which to model software application business objects into data constructs for the purposes of safe secure storage at rest.

Conversely, the process of Object Relational Modelling also ensures that objects stored at rest can be equally fully restored back to their native form for operations within the software application.

The process of Object Relational Modelling allows for rapid application development and focuses on business application modelling, rather than the complexities of data management and the maintenance of complex data systems.

As software applications evolve and new application data is introduced, these can be easily accommodated by the powerful ORM capabilities of the QWARE Data Platform, all without requiring a change to the underlying data schema or changes to the application SQL programming.

System Extensibility

Often the software development lifecycle can be impacted by concerns relating to application data and the safeguarding of legacy data assets. The use of the QWARE Data Platform and its data management capabilities greatly reduce this impact to allow software development to freely extend and focus upon the business goals without concern for breaking change.

Backwards compatibility to legacy data assets is one such notable consideration, to ensure that older application data and legacy data structures can be easily and seamlessly incorporated into new software releases – all without the need for costly and lengthy data manipulation and/or migration.

Refactor-safe code changes are equally a common concern within the software development lifecycle, ensuring that any refactored changes in terminology and/or data context can be easily accommodated, with such change being safely absorbed without the risk of data loss or corruption.

Cloud Data Platform Connectivity

The QWARE Data Platform comes complete with a set of data providers by which to easily connect to cloud data platforms such as Azure SQL Server and Azure Cosmos DB.

These providers form an interchangeable layer of connectivity within the platform, by which to safely neutralise the accessing of data. By way of standardising the command set and programming syntax (SQL), the QWARE Data Platform providers facilitate data access, whilst ensuring a universal approach is adopted across different data platforms.